Sunday, 11 October 2015

10. Green Tea

Ok, so green tea is my new obsession.

I am sat here now writing this blog post with a cup of green tea watching the X Factor, I'm actually quite scared that I'm going to spill my tea on my laptop - X Factor makes me too emotional!

But what I really love about green tea, apart from its urge to spill all over my laptop, is that it has done wonders for my skin. I mean seriously my skin is usually breaking out in loads of spots but since I have started drinking green tea my skin has really cleared up. I mean there is still that one spot that refuses to go anywhere, even with every spot cream ever applied to it, but in general my skin is a lot better and less prone to breakouts than it used to be.

I usually drink a cup of green tea a day, which tends to be when I am relaxing on the sofa watching Netflix. On a completely unrelated note, I have just gotten into Once upon a time on Netflix after my cousin recommended it to me. I really needed a series to fill the void in my life whilst I wait for PLL Series 6B to come out and Once upon a time has done just that job and I am completely obsessed! Also, I almost forgot his but I am really enjoying watching the Netflix series Scream, it is so good and I am obsessed trying to work out who the killer is!

Anyway, back to green tea! I have found that if I drink green tea in the morning it makes me so much more awake in school, which I really need on a Monday morning! My favourite green teas are flavored, the green tea I am loving at the moment is mango and passion-fruit flavor, however you can usually find me drinking green tea with a hint of lemon.

I love green tea and I think that a big part of that love comes from the fact that green tea was the main thing I drank when I was doing my Duke of Edinburgh expedition, I find that whenever I drink green tea I find myself thinking of all the great memories I made whilst on that expedition. Honestly, if anyone is thinking of doing their Duke of Edinburgh's award then I would definitely recommend that you do it. It is a lot of work but I had so much fun, made great memories and grew so much closer to the people who were in my group!

So in conclusion, I love green tea!


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